Thursday, October 2, 2014

Having finalized the process of page creation I figured it was time for a stress test. I gave myself a page with several characters and a fairly detailed background with a 6 hour time limit and simulated surprise editorial changes. From start to finish this page was 45 minutes of thumbnails, 2 1/2 hours from layouts to final inks (I used Sketchup to do the background line work) as a time saver), and 3 1/2 hours colors. I flatted this myself which added 2 hours to the process. That's something I won't usually do. Once I completed the colors, I acted as if I the script forgot to mention the scene took place at night and I had to do a hasty revision. The changes I made took about 45 minutes.

Not entirely happy with the first version. The main reason for that is I decided to go for a daytime shot and those tend to bore me. I like a little more drama.